garden cookie clicker: how to use garden cookie clicker

garden cookie clicker is a special feature in the popular game Cookie Clicker that allows players to grow plants and crops using cookies as fertilizer. There are different types of seeds that can be unlocked and grown in the garden

each with their own unique effects and benefits. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step process to unlocking every seed in the Cookie Clicker Garden.

garden cookie clicker

Step 1: Unlock the Garden

The first step to unlocking every seed in the Cookie Clicker Garden is to actually unlock the garden itself. To do this, you need to have baked at least one billion cookies in your current playthrough. Once you have reached this milestone, the garden will become available for purchase in the “Special” section of the “Buildings” menu.

Step 2: Plant Baker’s Wheat

The first seed you can plant in the garden is Baker’s Wheat, which is unlocked by default. To plant Baker’s Wheat, simply click on the garden plot and select the seed from the list of available options. Baker’s Wheat grows quickly and is a good source of cookies early in the game.

Step 3: Unlock New Seeds

To unlock new seeds in the Cookie Clicker Garden, you need to harvest crops and plant new ones. Each time you harvest a crop, you have a chance to unlock a new seed. The probability of unlocking a new seed increases with each successful harvest.

Step 4: Unlock Special Seeds

In addition to regular seeds, there are also special seeds that can be unlocked in the Cookie Clicker Garden. These seeds have unique effects and benefits, such as increasing your CPS (cookies per second) or providing a boost to your grandmas. Special seeds can only be unlocked by meeting certain criteria, such as harvesting a certain number of crops or achieving a specific level of cookie production.

Step 5: Experiment and Explore

The Cookie Clicker Garden is a fun and engaging feature that allows players to experiment with different seeds and growing strategies.

Try planting different types of seeds and see how they affect your cookie production and CPS. You can also experiment with different planting strategies, such as planting in a grid pattern or in a random arrangement.

how to use “garden cookie clicker”

  • Garden is an upgrade feature in the popular game Cookie Clicker. It allows players to grow plants and harvest them to earn rewards such as cookies, upgrades, and even new garden plants.
  • To unlock the garden feature, players must first purchase the “Fertilizer” upgrade, which costs 1,000 cookies. Once this is done, the “Garden” tab will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Players can then click on the Garden tab to enter the garden interface, which features a 6×6 grid where plants can be grown.
  • To plant a seed, players must first obtain a seed from the “Seed” section of the Garden menu. There are a total of 34 seeds available, each with its own unique growing conditions and rewards.
  • Once a seed has been obtained, players can drag and drop it onto any empty square in the garden grid. The seed will then begin to grow over time, with its progress displayed in the plant’s information box.
  • Different plants have different growth times and requirements. Some plants require more water, while others require more sunshine or soil. Players must take care of their plants by providing them with the necessary resources and harvesting them at the right time to maximize their rewards.
  • Plants can be harvested by clicking on them once they reach maturity. Harvested plants will provide a reward based on their type and growth stage. Rewards can include cookies, garden plants, and even rare cosmetic upgrades.
  • As players grow more plants and earn more rewards, they can purchase additional upgrades and unlock new plants to add to their garden. The Garden feature provides a fun and engaging way for players to earn rewards and progress in the game beyond simply clicking cookies.

How to Access the Garden

To access the garden in Cookie Clicker, you need to unlock the feature by purchasing the “Fertilizer” upgrade from the “Farm” section of the game’s store. The Fertilizer upgrade costs 50,000 cookies and requires that you have at least one farm building.

Once you have purchased the Fertilizer upgrade, a small plot of land will appear to the left of your cookie production area. This is the entrance to the garden.

Click on the entrance to open up the garden screen. You’ll see a variety of plants that you can grow in your garden, each with their own special effects and benefits. You can plant different combinations of plants to create hybrid plants with even more powerful effects.

To plant a new seed in your garden, you need to purchase it from the store using cookies. Each seed costs a certain number of cookies, and some seeds are more expensive than others.

Once you have purchased a seed, click on it in your inventory to select it, then click on an empty plot in your garden to plant it. You can also use the “Plant All” button to automatically fill your garden with the seeds you have available.

As your plants grow, they will produce a variety of effects, such as boosting your cookie production or providing special bonuses. Keep an eye on your garden and harvest your plants regularly to take advantage of their benefits.


  1. What is the Cookie Clicker garden?

The Cookie Clicker garden is a feature within the Cookie Clicker game that allows players to plant and harvest various plants to gain bonuses and advantages in the game.

  1. How do I unlock the garden in Cookie Clicker?

To unlock the garden in Cookie Clicker, you must have a minimum of 1 cookie clicker achievement and purchase the “Fertilizer” upgrade in the “Legacy” section of the “Upgrades” menu.

  1. How do I plant seeds in the garden?

To plant seeds in the garden, click on an empty plot and select a seed from your inventory. You can also plant multiple seeds at once by holding down the “Shift” key while clicking on the plots.

  1. How do I harvest plants in the garden?

To harvest plants in the garden, simply click on the mature plant. Some plants may require specific tools, such as the “Drowsyfern” which requires the “Wood Chips” tool to harvest.

  1. How do I unlock new seeds in the garden?

New seeds are unlocked by either purchasing them in the shop or by unlocking them through the seed log. The seed log is unlocked by harvesting a specific number of plants.

  1. How do I increase my garden’s plant capacity?

To increase your garden’s plant capacity, purchase the “Green Rot” upgrade in the “Legacy” section of the “Upgrades” menu. This upgrade will increase your plant capacity by 30.

  1. Can I lose plants in the garden?

Yes, plants can die if they are not harvested in time or if they are affected by negative effects such as weeds or pests.

  1. Can I automate the garden in Cookie Clicker?

Yes, you can automate the garden in Cookie Clicker by purchasing the “Garden Helper” upgrade in the “Legacy” section of the “Upgrades” menu. This upgrade will automate plant growth and harvesting.

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